Zero Liquid Discharge System, ZLD:

Generation of effluent not only pollutes the environment but also has higher operational cost. We design, supply and commission zero liquid discharge system for all types of effluent of all capacity. Both multiple effect evaporation based system; MEE with/without mechanical vapor recompression, MVC/MVR can be designed for the given applications. The MEE system can be designed in required number of effects as per operational cost and initial cost. We have commissioned the MEE systems upto 12 effects. We also design the MEE system for recovery of light organics having lower boiling point and heavy organics, wherever possible. We also supply entire system on BOOT/BOT basis with or without additional boiler/thermic fluid heater. The ZLD can be designed and supply with/ without stripper and/or ATFD with either types of evaporator/crystallizers as, .

1.Falling film evaporator
2.Falling cum rising evaporator
3.Natural/Forced circulation Olso evaporator with inbuilt flash chamber or separate flash chamber
4.Short-tube Vertical Evaporator
5.Long-tube Vertical Evaporator
6.Horizontal Tube Shell-Side Evaporator

Zero Liquid Discharge System

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