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Conversion of furnace oil fired boiler to briquette fired system


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In the present era of neck-to-neck competition, the cost of production plays vital role. As the price of liquid fuels, especially furnace oil are growing at steeper rate than solid fuel price, substitution of furnace oil to solid briquette is one of the alternative available. In the war of globalization only fittest can survive. Furnace oil used in Boiler or Thermic oil heater can be totally substituted by Briquette with an equivalent ratio of 2.7: 1 Kg/lit on the basis of calorific value. This usually results in saving of more than 60% in operating cost and will have attractive payback period of 2-3 months.


Very rarely boilers are fired at full load. Simple conversion via internal grate or external grate, which requires only removal of its existing burner-blower assembly, adding a grate to burn the briquette in same combustion chamber and installation if ID fan. Adiabatic flame temperature with solid fuel is lesser by 200 to 3000C. Thus in spite of on addition of extra furnace usually up to 70% capacity can be achieved. Various issues of Boiler conversion are as:

About Briquette and its availability :

Briquettes are manufactured from Bagasse, which is a residue of sugar cane after sugar extraction. The bagasse is dried in the Sun and extruded. The compaction gives bulk density up to 1100 Kg/m3, due to which 10 tons of briquettes can be loaded in single truck.
Being cellulosic in nature briquettes can be easily burnt in boiler without clinker formation.

The contents of briquette are,

Carbon (%) 47
Ash (%) up to 2.6
Hydrogen (%) 6.4
Moisture (%) less than 5
Other (%)(O2+ N2) 45
Sulpher (%) 0
GCV (Kcal/kg) 4200


Briquettes are mostly available near sugar factory area or in oil producing area with at low price, while at other places transportation cost will be added. In well-designed furnace other residues (if any) or coal can also be fired if it found economically viable.

Economics of Fuel Conversion :

Briquette has GCV up to 4200Kcal/kg. Our experience has shown that about 2.2 kg of briquette are equivalent to 1 liter of furnace oil. Market price of furnace oil
fluctuates so also, the savings .At 12 Rs/ lit F.O. price and briquette at 2.2 Rs./kg the substitution will result in saving of 5.5Rs. /lit. Of F.O. fired.
The following table gives the saving potential at various consumption levels.

Sr.No. Daily furnace oil consumption (LPD) Equivalent Briquette Consumption (Kg/day) Saving *(Rs/day)
1 1000 2200 7380
2 2000 4400 14760
3 3000 6600 22140
4 4000 8800 29520
5 5000 11000 36900
6 10000 22000 73800
7 15000 33000 110700

Fuel Feeding and handling :

Briquette is available as 60 90 110 mm diameter and 150mm length. It has to be loaded manually in boiler with shovel. This will add negligible extra cost to boiler operation up to a rate of 150-170 Rs. per ton of fuel fired.
The storage of 4-5 days fuel consumption is recommended to cope up with fluctuation and/or transportation problem.
The space required for storage is almost one meter square for 2 ton of briquette. The storage on open concrete base and covering with plastic tarpaulin sheet is recommended.

Economics of Fuel Conversion :

As there are no changes made in pressure parts, usually IBR has no relevance in operating F.O. boiler on briquette.
Exhaust gases coming out of chimney are made free from dust and impurities as a result of clean combustion technology. Sufficient bends turns and Ash removing doors provided in the path of flue gas help elimination of particles in exhaust.

Sr.No. Capacity Modifications

The contents of briquette are,

Sr.No. Daily furnace oil consumption (LPD) Equivalent Briquette Consumption (Kg/day)
Sr.No. Company Boiler capacity(TPH)
1 M/s. Cadbury India Ltd, Thane (Turnkey Supply) 04
2 M/s. Novartis India Limited, Mahad ( Turnkey Supply) 12
3 M/S. Golden Chemicals Ltd., Borivali 10
4 M/s. Three M Paper, Chiplun 20
5 M/S. Clarisis Ltd., Baroda 06
6 M/s. Lactose India Ltd., Baroda 03
7 M/s. Skol Breweries Ltd, Uran 05
8 M/s. Garware Polyster, Aurangabad 09
9 M/s. Toshniwal, Tarapur 04
10 M/s. Sadguru Gums, Tarapur 0.3
11 M/s. Gharda Chemicals, Lote 12
12 M/s. Perstorp Aegies Ltd., Vapi 8
13 M/s. Pidilite Ind. Ltd., Vapi 2
14 M/s. Hindustan Braveries & Bottling Ltd., Thane 10
15 M/s. Colourchem Ltd., Thane 16
16 M/s. Bayer (I) Ltd., Thane 10
17 M/s. Pfizer (I) Ltd., Turbhe 12
18 M/s. Zydus cedilla (German Remedies) Ltd., Patalganga 2
19 M/s. M/s. Colourchem Ltd., Roha 16

Bar Chart for Boiler Conversion Activity

  • 1) Issue of PO with tax instructions / Submission of drawing of foundation Details.
  • 2) Brick Procurement & Steel Fabrication
  • 3) Completion of Civil Work / Supply of Materials at site.
  • 4) ID Fan / Boiler foundation details
  • 5) ID Fan related civil work CONTINUITY
  • 6) Furnace Fabrication
  • 7) Boiler Installation
  • 8) Brick Lining / Ducting
  • 9) Assembling & attending minor job / ID Fan Installation & Related ducting work
  • 10) ID Fan Testing
  • 11) Curing & Warm up of furnace
  • DAY
  • 12) Commissioning of the system.
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